Microfund (Aufruf)

Microfund: Implement your idea!

The microfund fund is aimed at young refugees aged up to 27, who have been living in Germany for a maximum of seven years, and who because of linguistic, residency and / or other bureaucratic barriers are not able get access to existing project funding instruments.

Below you will find out how to apply for the microfund with us!

YOU are young: That means between 14 and 27 years old.

YOU live in Berlin

You fled to Germany within the last 7 years.

YOU are planning a cultural initiative

For example:

  • an open stage with a jam session

  • a theatre performance on the street in order to draw attention to particular issues 

  • printing of a brochure with collected poems and stories that you and your friends wrote during your time in the initial reception centre for refugees

  • a Dabke workshop

  • a short film about a particular topic that matters to you and interests you

  • or the like...

YOU need money for that?

We can give you up to 500€ for you to implement your cultural initiative.

With that you can for example:

  • pay the rental charges for microphones/equipment or cameras

  • pay the rental charges for the microphones and equipment for your jam session

  • buy the costumes for your theater performance

  • have your broschures printed

  • pay the rental costs for rehearsal rooms for your Dabke workshop

  • rent a camera for your film

  • etc.

WE will support you!

We are...

Abdel Amine Mohammed and Marwa Al-Radwany of the Action Fund Jugend.Sprungbrett.Kultur of the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Berlin e.V. 

We will advise you in German, English, French, Italian, Hausa, Dendi and Zarma (if you need other languages, we can also organise this for you).

Call us or send us an email - we will arrange an appointment with you!

Important: Before you contact us, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (on the website) to find out whether we can support your project.
We are looking forward to many exciting ideas!

Call or write an e-mail us - we will make an appointment with you!

E-Mail: aktionsfonds@lkj-berlin.de

Telephone: 030/98 38 99 35

As part of the overall concept for the Integration and Participation of Refugees (GIP) of the State of Berlin, the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family (SenBJF) is supporting the project Jugend.Sprungbrett.Kultur, thereby enabling